Exporting the AOT Objects through X++

X++ Code to Export AOT Object / automatic backup of xpo’s.
we need to take daily backup of our development (interms of xpo) , but we all always forget becuase of our hectic work schedules.
So use the following job and build batch application to take backup of developement in terms of xpo .
We can take aod also but the size will be more and needs to stop AOS everytime .

Following job illustrates how to export/backup all AOT Classes object.

static void exportAOT(Args _args)
TreeNode treeNode;
FileIoPermission perm;

perm = new FileIoPermission(#ExportFile, #ExportMode);
if (perm == null)
treeNode = TreeNode::findNode(@”\data dictionary\tables\ExcelFileImport”);
if (treeNode != null)
// BP deviation documented.


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