Multiple selects through checkboxes(Containers) :

select the multiple itemids from a container and send them to info for printing…..

static void selectMultiple(Args _args)
container list;
boolean ok;
int i;
InventTable inventTable;
Map Map = new Map(Types::Integer, Types::RString);
int j;
while select inventTable
list += [SysListSelect::packChoice(inventTable.ItemId, j ,false)];
Map.insert(j, inventTable.ItemId);

if (conlen(list) >0)
[ok,list] = selectMultiple(“List of items”,”Select multiple items”,list,[‘Item numbers’]);
if (ok && conlen(list)>0)
setprefix(“Selected items are shown below”);
for (i=1; i<= conlen(list) ; i++)
// info(strfmt("%1",conpeek(list,i)));


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