Higri dates:

The minimum date in AX is 01/01/1900 (this is also considered as null value).
And the maximum date is 31/12/2154.
The below code helps to select a date less than 01/01/1900 (or) more than 31/12/2154.
static void testHijriDate(Args _args)

TransDate dt;
int HijriDt;
int HijriMonth;
str Yr;

CalendarConverter CalendarConverter;

dt = 011\2011;
CalendarConverter = new CalendarConverter(PreferredCalendar::Hijri);
HijriDt = CalendarConverter.dayofmth(dt);
HijriMonth = CalendarConverter.mthofyr(dt);
Yr = CalendarConverter.yearStr(dt);

info(strFmt(‘Hijri day %1 – month %2 – Year %3’, HijriDt, HijriMonth, Yr));


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