How to fetch the tables corresponding to particular module in AX:

Below job gives the output of the tables that are connected to a configuration key…
static void FindTablesFromConfigKey(Args _args)
// The name of the configuration key to be specified here
str configKeyName = “Prod”;
Dictionary dictionary = new Dictionary();
ConfigurationKeyId configKeyId = dictionary.configurationKeyName2Id(configKeyName);
TableId tableId;
DictConfigurationKey dictConfigurationKey;
DictTable dictTable;
container keyIds;
int i;

if (configKeyId)
// Find all children of the specified configuration key
for (i = dictionary.configurationKeyNext(0); i; i = dictionary.configurationKeyNext(i))
dictConfigurationKey = new DictConfigurationKey(i);

while (dictConfigurationKey.parentConfigurationKeyId())
dictConfigurationKey = new DictConfigurationKey(dictConfigurationKey.parentConfigurationKeyId());

if ( == configKeyId)
keyIds += i;

// Find all tables that have an appropriate configuration key
i = 0;
for (tableId = dictionary.tableNext(0);tableId;tableId = dictionary.tableNext(tableId))
dictTable = new DictTable(tableId);
if (!dictTable.isMap() && !dictTable.isTmp() && !dictTable.isView())
if (confind(keyIds, dictTable.configurationKeyId()))

info(strfmt(“%1 tables have configuration key ‘%2′”, i, configKeyName));

so in administration(module) > set up > system > configuration ..
u will find the configuration keys related to a module..
so u can find all the tables related to that module through configurations…


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