Showing the value of one field value on basis of another field on the dialog.

The following code is for : When u select CustomerId in Field1 then it automatically takes the name of the selected CustomerId in field2…

public class ReportRun extends ObjectRun
DialogField dialogfield1,dialogfield2;
CustAccount custId;
Name name;

public Object dialog(Object _dialog)
DialogRunbase dialog = _dialog;
dialog.caption(‘Customer information ‘);
dialog.addGroup(‘Select CustomerId :’);
dialogfield1 = dialog.addField(typeid(CustAccount),”Cust Id : “);
dialogfield2 = dialog.addField(typeid(Name),”Cust name : “);

return dialog;

public void dialogSelectCtrl()


boolean getFromDialog()
custId = dialogfield1.value();
name = dialogfield2value();
return true;.


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