Understanding Axd class and prepareForSaveExtended Method in AIF document service

Hi All,

Challenge in AIF document service gonna be understanding the prepareforsaveextended method, this is a key method where we make changes for assigning values from the parent datasoruces or writing our own logic removing he standard code for example inserting the party records..

Here we have 4 RecordprocessingContests.. They are

  1. BeforeAnyChildRecordsProcessed
  2. BeforeChildRecordProcessed
  3. AfterAnyChildRecordProcessed
  4. AfterAllChildRecordsProcessed


If the datasource has anychild then you might need to insert the record before child gets inserted.. so use the return True which says that we are inserting the record to the table at this point of time.. Toogle this methods as per the requirement. This class gets called 4 times with different RecordprocessingContests in an order when datsource has a child datasources.

Note: There will be only 2 RecordprocessingContests when we dont have any child to the corresponding datasources..

They are:

  1. BeforeAnyChildRecordsProcessed
  2. AfterAllChildRecordsProcessed

Happy daxing..




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